Tuesday, February 2, 2016


God is kind. This is such a profound truth. I've spent most of my life thinking that God was angry with me...or that His will for me was laid upon a tight rope that I was trying my best not to fall off of. If I did fall, my thoughts included a ton of guilt and brow beating. I'd punish myself until I felt I deserved to be in His good graces once again.
I've been listening to a song lately that's been rocking my world. It's by Amanda Cook and is called "kind." 
Here is the link: https://youtu.be/e9dP8IvGUEo
So much healing can be found in the lyrics:
You are not a tyrant king.
You do not delight in suffering.
Your power doesn’t compensate for insecurity, ‘Cause You are not a tyrant King.
You are not an angry man. You do not treat us with contempt.
Your voice is sure, Your eyes are soft, Your smile, confident. ‘Cause You are not an angry man.
You are kind
You are kind
You are kind
You are kind
Your love is a fury all its own.
Sweeping the dust and turning feet towards home.
Carrying the orphans and resetting broken bones.  Your love is a fury all its own.
And love is powerful enough,
Without the fear of punishment.
That is the true character of God. He is loving. He is kind. He's not a punisher or wrongs.
If you've ever believed lies about who God really is like I have, I encourage you to seek out new truth about who He really is. His character is pure. His love for you is boundless. His thoughts toward you are good and He indeed is Kind.


  1. Oh by the way Happy Birthday to you and your beloved husband and my baby boy


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